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About Fist4K


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


Fist4K is a 4K xxx website that uploads videos of dudes (and chicks) with a fist up some pornstar’s ass or pussy. Streaming this fetish can be an intense turn-on occasionally, while some dudes enjoy this kind of thing regularly. If you identify with any of these categories, Fist4K is a site you can add to your home screen, bookmarks, or favorites.
When you’re in the mood to watch strangers torture themselves with pleasure, join the fun by creating an account. But first, read this review to learn about the highlights, find out the membership plans, and the pros and cons of Fist4K.


Fist4K has an immersive website interface that displays a serene environment, previewing the intensity of what’s to come. Each video has proper descriptions that seduce you to press play. 30 to 40 minutes long on average, each second of the hyper-clear porn videos will make you rock hard and tempt you to jerk off.

Lots of Porn Stars

Many girls are willing to let dudes and girls put a fist into their pussies or buttholes for the fun of it. Apparently, fisting increases the amount of cum you can pull out of any chick. This theory is confirmed by the loud and insatiable moans of the sluts getting fisted.

Different Storylines

There are a hundred and one ways to fist a chick. That’s why a niche-specific website like Fist4K can thrive and continue producing content without running into a wall. From Lesbian Fist domination to Deep Fisting with Massage Oil, every one of the girls in these movies end up in the perfect situation to receive a deep fisting. These hands can enter into either hole, too.
The storylines that accompany these extreme hardcore porn videos are interesting, unconventional, and ideal for each scenario. There’slesbian and straight sex, too, so it snot only dudes that get to experience what the insides of a female anus or pussy feel like around a fist.

A Collection of Movies

Hundreds of videos are already available for downloading or streaming on Fist4K, and the website uploads more frequently. So, when you get your membership plan, there are little chances of you running out of fisting videos to watch.

Membership Plans

There are four membership plans for access to the Fist4K videos. These payment options include:
Free Trial
Instead of committing to an extended membership plan and later finding out that you’re not more interested, avoid wasting your money by starting with a dollar. For $1, you can watch some of the short porn movies to see if Fist4K is your style.
The monthly exclusive subscription is $0.99 daily or $29.99 monthly. It’s discreetly charged once or can be paid with PayPal. This registration will allow you to access Fist4K in its entirety finally. You can download, stream, and complete every video on this site.
It’s possible to pay for a Fist4K annually. Many subscribers prefer this method because they get charged once, and that’s for the next 364 days. No frequent debits + unrestricted access to all the videos, + the benefits of an exclusive membership = a happy year. This plan costs $89.95.
Premium Membership
For the dudes that don’t already know, Fisk4K is a series in a collection called VIP4K. VIP4K is a mega website that features niche-specific videos. Altogether, there are 18 other sites apart from Fist4K, and a membership plan gives you their login.
By paying $149 every 365 days, you can unlock a year’s supply of all shades of porn. These include the daddy, hunter, rimming, anal, fisting, tutor, and sis series, among others.


✅ You can access Fist4K and the remaining 18 series using a single login.
✅ Your membership allows you to stream and download videos with zero limitations.
✅ There’sa customer support team at your beck and call.
✅ More videos are uploaded regularly, and VIP members access them first.
✅ The storylines are captivating, realistic, engaging, and immersive.


❌ The best you’ll get without a subscription plan is a clear picture from one of the video scenes.


Fist4K is the best HD porn site for watching girls with a fistful of pussy. The girls appear to enjoy every moment of it, and so do the persons doing the fisting. If you can sit through hours of the weirdest stuff entering into a vagina or butthole, then you’ve found the perfect 4K porn site for your kink!


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