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About Hustler


(User Rating 5/5)

Hustler: Hardcore Porn Site

Hustler has been around since ‘74, when it began as a print magazine. For something that’s been around for so long, they know exactly what type of content gets people hard. It’s worth mentioning their photo galleries for the quality, and there are over 3000 photo sets you can download. The babes are even hotter than they used to be.

Plus, you can’t accidentally get the pages stuck together from getting a bit too overexcited. The downside of all this is that they feel like they haven’t caught up to the new porn developments. A lot of the scenes are only available in SD.

You’d think that’s fair enough, they’re probably videos from the archive but no. Much of their new content is still low-resolution or at max 1080p. There’s no reason that they couldn’t get some better quality vids unless they’re purposely trying to preserve that old-school porn vibe.

Huge Collection with all Categories Of Hardcore Porn

Hustler gives you access to 18 hardcore porn sites, and their gigantic video library. There are all the usual types of fan favorites like MILFs, babysitters, fauxcest, roleplay, lesbian, and BDSM.

The Barely Legal channel they’ve got has some extraordinary 18+ teens that are the picture of innocence until they see a hard cock and lose all restraint, jumping on top of it and starting to moan in pleasure. Just cause they’re young doesn’t mean this hardcore porn site doesn’t take advantage of the fact they want to learn and are willing to do any type of scene, including anal in their tight assholes.

The chicks are convincing in terms of age, so there’s none of that 40-year-old chick pretending to be 19 or something. They’ve got beautiful skin and tight little bodies with even tighter snatches.

There’s a search feature for newest, oldest, and best rated and a set of tags. You can select multiple ones, but there’s a huge long list, and it would work better as a dropdown or with an advanced search filter. Or even a new search because three options aren’t nearly enough. When there are over 15,000 scenes, it’s sometimes hard to get what you’re after.

Enjoy Thousands of Extreme Scenes

Plus, there are regular updates, so running out of extreme porn is going to be the last of your worries. The hardcore porn videos can be the chicks are fucking hot. Go on and check out the model section. There aren’t filters here either, but when you start typing, all the girls with names will appear beneath. It’s not practical, but it works well enough if you’re searching for a certain chick. Beneath the girls are some magazine-style covers for the scenes they’ve acted in. For a better idea, it’d be nice to see how many scenes they’ve been in before clicking on the names. If you love Riley Reid, you’ll get your hopes up and then find out she’s just done two scenes for Hustler. It’s a hardcore porn site, so no matter what video you watch, there’s going to be some balls-deep sex.


  • Regular updates
  • HD photo sets
  • Multiple categories


A three-day trial costs $2.95
Monthly access is $19.95, making it about $10 less than other premium sites. But then the other sites give you 4K quality videos.


⊕ Unlimited downloads
⊕ Massive amount of content


⊗ Minor quality scenes – they’re not all in 4K
⊗ It’s just two channels now

Visit: Hustler
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