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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5), The Great AI Hentai Sex Chat

If you don’t think a simple image generator is enough to bring your hentai fantasies to life, then you should check out this site. PornWaifu gives you a powerful generator, an editor to make nudes and edit photos, sex chat, and an SFW generator with their sister site. There’s even an AI video generator! You can try out the image generator for free to start making your own porn with a couple of limitations unless you get a pro plan. Even so, you’ll get dozens of different options to try out.

You can get four images here – anime, toon, natural, and furry. Just a quick look at the feed shows that everyone is all about furries; I didn’t see a single realistic porn pic. I’m not sure what I expected from the users on a site called PornWaifu.

Let’s Make AI Hentai Porn

The Ai hentai generator works excellently for anime and cartoons. I tried out the realistic version to check it out, and the quality was a bit inferior compared to other sites, so you should stick to the other categories. It’s a tag-based generator with no prompt option. That makes it feel limited, but a section of advanced settings gives you some significant control over the NSFW content, like the emphasis on the breasts, different characters, and art styles like Studio Ghibli. There are many different actions, but free users are limited to one. There are over 100 options, so you’ll make unique images despite no prompts. The pro plan adds a few tags, but you can make just as sexy images without upgrading unless you want to use the other tools.

The standout of PornWaifu is the characters. You get a lot of famous models you can use as a base for your own porn. There’s Judy Hopps, Ashoka Tano, Android 18, and Raven. There are just under 400, from computer games, anime, manga, movies, and series. You can pay about 40 bucks and the devs will introduce whatever new character you want.

Chat with Anime Chicks

There’s an NSFW for premium members. It’s lacking compared to some of the other AI chatbots out there – you can’t get any photos, and there are no audio options. Even so, there are almost two dozen characters you can start chatting with, and you get 15 messages as part of a free trial to see how it goes. Like the image generator, there are filters for anime or furry characters.

Another feature is the AI porn editing tool, where you can upload an image and change the clothes, undress the photo, and change the size and type of the boobs. This tool plus the video means that PornWaifu gives you all the AI porn tools on the market, and all are geared towards making hentai.


  • AI Video and AI porn image generator
  • Editor tool complete with in-painting and AI undresser
  • NSFW Ai Chat
  • Talk with popular characters

Premium Benefits

Going premium gives you access to different features like the video generator, editing tool, extra tags when you make your own images, and unlimited chat messages. The free plan gives you.


There’s a free plan to use the image generator and send up to 15 messages in the sex chat.
It’s $15/month, paid through SubscribeStar. That’s what your billing will show up as.


✅ Great for roleplay and creating porn of popular anime or cartoon characters
✅ You can pay for new characters to be added
✅ Good price


❌ If you want to make realistic generations, then it doesn’t work well
❌ The chat is missing some features; it’s all text with no voice or images

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