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About ShareMyBF


(User Rating 5/5)

Hardcore Porn Kinky Sex Site

The girls here in ShareMyBF are all kinky and horny sluts. They’re such good friends. They love to share everything, including their BF’s dick. The site is about threesome hardcore porn videos, as you’d expect. There’s nothing more special than bonding with your friend by sharing the same cum in your mouth and pussy. There are loads of different videos, like interracial sex scenes where the guy can’t decide if he wants a nice dark pussy or his girlfriend’s pink one. Not that they complain much; the girls end up competing, trying to give him more pleasure, and the dudes always bust a fat nut.

Intense Lesbian Action

The girlfriend’s best friends are usually hotter so it’s not surprising the guys always agree that they should definitely have a threesome, they barely pause, and there’s no condom usage as the dudes swap between pussies. ShareMyBF gives you around 13-minute clips of the videos. It’s a nice way for a smaller site to provide you with a proper taste of what porn you’ll get without you having to browse tube sites or some dodgy ones just to get a glimpse of what premium porn is like. You mainly get the plot points and just a couple of minutes of fucking. The scene skips around a bit, making it seem disjointed but understandable, considering they want you to start paying for the full-length videos.

The chicks they’ve got love getting in on some lesbian sex, too. I don’t even think it’s for the benefit of the BF at this stage – they were probably fucking each other long before he came into their lives, and having the threesome is just an excuse for them to start slurping up on their best friend’s pussy again.

Premium HD Extreme Porn Videos

The site is part of MOFOs, so when you sign up, you get access to some fantastic series. All for a reasonable price. Actually, you get over 10,000 scenes all up. The site is complex to find what you’re looking for and there are a few videos that are part of other channels and redirect you. I’d like it if theory were more clearly separated – I wanted to just see some threesomes and got directed to their new sites. That sort of cross-promotion should be expected, but still, mark it out properly.

Another gripe was that some of the videos didn’t have any descriptions, and you had to figure out what would happen based on the thumbnail or skipping through. It’s a small thing, but it’s nice knowing what you’re about to invest your cum into before you start watching. We all have that one golden video that always gets us off as a fallback. It’s well worthwhile signing up to this hardcore sex site for the free trial, at least, to see how great the full-length vids are.


  • Loads of great porn starring threesomes


There’s a deal of 2 days membership for $1/day
A month sets you back $29.99, making it the standard price for a porn site
The 12-month membership is where it’s at: $79.99 for the whole year!


✅ You get access to over 20 websites as part of the Mofos Network
✅ More than 10,000 videos


❌ Some sites like Share My BF only get updates every few weeks. Across the network, they are regular, but if you sign up for one site in particular, you’ll be disappointed
❌ The downloads can be up to 1080p
❌ Navigation through different videos of Share My BF is hard


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