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About Wicked


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Wicked, The Parody Porn Masters

Sometimes it’s hard deciding if you want to watch a movie you’ve been hearing out, or some chicks getting fucked. T

Thank god Wicked exists and brings some fantastic parody porn of popular films. It’s like multitasking, you get to see what everyone’s talking about with a few minor changes to the story, like the fact this Spider Man shoots more cum than webs.

There are other types of content, like original porn movies, all shot in a cinematic style with great production value, but it’s their parody movies that steal the show. It’s a great site if you like parody porn and cinematic videos that are driven more by the plot than watching people fuck like rabbits two minutes after meeting each other.

A Mix of Comedy and Parody Porn

Girls in costumes are always sexy. Now imagine them dressed up in a sexualized Black Widow costume. Even better than Scarlett Johanson. The scenes are part of a blogger story like the full movie. There’s not much that compares to Wicked in making their stories work, and the way they make fun of the actual movie stories while mixing in some sexy porn is genius. Creative, sexual, and funny. You might get so drawn into the story you’ll drop your dick to keep watching what’s happening.

It might not be for you if you enjoy skipping around porn scenes to get to the spiciest parts to rewatch, but give it a go; the content is never dull. It’s a premium parody porn site, and it looks like it.

The whole site is extremely user-friendly, and each video has a photo gallery. It’s a good way to see some hot chicks dressed up as different characters, especially when they’re in tight-fitting leather. You’ve got some filters to see results by date, popularity, or views and a search bar to put in the model’s name or the type of porn like big tits or creampie.

The pornstars aren’t going to win any Oscars with their parody porn movies, but that’s part of the formula for taking the shit out of some mainstream movies.

It’s very much a Wicked-only formula, and it works for a lot of people – they’ve been in business producing high-quality porn for over 25 years now and have over 5000 scenes for you to watch.


  • 4K parody porn videos
  • HD pictures of the sets
  • Full-length porn movies with their plot or parodying famous films
  • More than 5000 scenes
  • Weekly update

Premium Benefits

You get up to 300GB of downloads daily on some of the plans (not the basic one).


They actually have a free trial that’s free! You get seven days free without downloads. All their prices are really affordable and give you great value for the sheer quantity of porn you get.
$9.95 for a month (and you get an extra month thrown in) without downloads
$14.95 every month, and you get unlimited downloads
$125.10 for a year (and you get six months extra for free – 18 in total)


✅ It’s a different way to watch porn, and it’s done really well
✅ The payment plans give you crazy value
✅ Good stories and hours of content, it’s like a full-length feature parody porn film


❌ The formula isn’t for everyone
❌ Needs more filters to find parody porn by category


Wicked does parody porn really well. They’ve got some great offers for their platform, including the actual free trial.

The way they make movies isn’t for everyone, but if it gets you off, you’re in for a treat with all their updates and the huge backlog of 4K and HD parody porn movies.


Visit: Wicked
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