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About EHentai Girlfriend


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Hentai meets Ai Girlfriend Porn Sites: Girlfriend

The hentai lovers get a whole lot of attention in the porn world. They start drooling whenever they see a character in a cute outfit. Now, there’s even an AI hentai girlfriend app. So if you love hentai, drop the full-length body pillow with the suspicious hole in it.
There’s something better now. Introducing You can customize your Ai hentai girlfriend, start sexting, and form bonds. You can make three girls at once, which is an extra bonus, or futanari if the thought of a chick blessed with a big dick gets you hard.
Making your dream hentai girl is simple. Once you make a free account, you can jump right in. You can chat with two different girlfriends and send 20 messages on the free plan. It’s not much, but it’s something. You select your ideal attributes through a tag system. So you can pick things like a fit girl, with a pigtail, green hair with big tits, a tiny ass, and an ahegao expression.
There aren’t too many options for a tag generation, but considering each generation will give you a new girl, there are no complaints there. Plus, there are some premade girls to chat with, with unique anime personalities like tsundere, dandere, etc.
The interface is straightforward to use, and it has a helpful toolbar at the top to remind you of the choices you made regarding her looks. Then you get to choose the type of personality, and her interests. After this step, you can start generating more photos of your new character in different styles.

Sext with your Hentai Ai Girlfriend

This is the part you’ve been waiting for—the chats. You’ve only got 20 messages on the free plan, so you must upgrade. The conversations are great. The personality comes across in the messages. You get a couple thousand messages a month between the girls and 150 images. It’s enough to get you going, and use it casually. There are some other plans up to $119/month, but at that rate, you might as well start buying several girls’ dinners and dating.
Whenever you want in the convo, you can steer it towards sexting and start receiving the ai generated nudes or erotic images of your new girlfriend. Whenever you want to, you can make up to 25 other girls. It’s a great way to make a bunch of different ones and see which one you enjoy chatting with the most.
Do you want to start sexting with a supermodel? Done. What about a horny girl with an orgasm face wearing schoolgirl clothes? The images you get are all sexy and show off the fact that gravity and physics don’t affect these girls – their clothes are always bursting at the seams trying to contain these fat asses and giant tits.
Or maybe that’s just cause I was using the app in an incredibly horny mood. Whatever it was, it’s a fun and interactive way to pass the time and get off, that’s different from traditional porn.


  • Create dozens of custom characters.
  • Message and sext with your AI girlfriend
  • AI Generated porn images


The paid plans start at $11.99/mo and go up to $119.99/mo. There are two levels between these, and you can choose to upgrade the number of images, messages, or girlfriends you can have. If you just want a few more, you can get a custom price by increasing the message limit, for example.


✅ A fantastic hentai-exclusive AI girlfriend generator
✅ You get 25 girls to talk with on the most basic plan
✅ Uncensored chat


❌ There aren’t other chat options like receiving voice messages
❌ If you enjoy the app, it gets expensive fast

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