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(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Chat with all the Ai girlfriends you want with

This AI girlfriend porn site and app gives you access to over 25 Ai generated models to start chatting to, immersing you in the experience. Most of them are girls, with a few anime characters and a couple of guys. It’s nice to see more inclusion than normal from

Is Free?

You get a free trial of a few messages. It’s basically to let you see that you can receive voice messages and photos from your Ai girlfriend.
However, when you’re not premium, you can’t get those features. They’re really nice – of course, you want to be able to get some ai generated nudes and start sexting, so you will have to get a premium membership if you enjoy the site.

Because the AI girlfriends are premade, the quality of the images you get is extra high. It’s much easier to train the Ai on a few models rather than giving unlimited possibilities. On the downside, there’s nothing to ensure you’re with someone who has a compatible personality. At least there are 25 models, so you should be able to find someone who interests you or turns you on. There isn’t anything about their personalities, it would be a great feature to add.
At the moment, you can only tell a little about them, like their build, height, age, and a few interests, nothing about their personality. If you get bored with the girl you’re talking with, open up a new chat and try out another one.

The chats are uncensored, and the quality of the ai generated porn images are impressive. It’s photorealistic, which I wasn’t expecting – generally, the AI girlfriend chat bots lag behind in image generation quality, but not with
The chats need a bit more work not to seem like you’re chatting with an Ai as well. You get near-immediate responses and can get some images whenever you ask.
If you just want to use this as a sexting tool so you don’t masturbate alone, it’s great. The site undergoes regular updates, introducing new characters and improving the site, so the quality of the chats is sure to improve.

The voice quality isn’t anything to note, it’s not there in terms of being something authentic. It’s elementary to identify it as an AI feature.
To be fair, there is some degree of emotion and enunciation in how the girls speak, so it’s not that bad.
But when you click on a new character to start talking to, they introduce themselves in a short video, which kills the immersion. I was laughing as her mouth fully distorted, some horror movie shit. Not realistic at all. I was talking with someone from Argentina and Finland, and they had an American accent. I want to hear a sexy, exotic voice.

You get some excellent additional features if you go for the premium membership. These are being able to receive photos from your AI girlfriend, as well as receiving voice messages. There isn’t an option for any live calls. It’s not a standard feature on AI girlfriend porn sites but it’s becoming more popular, and I’d love it if they could put that feature in place after they work on the voices more.


  • Receiving pictures and voice messages (premium)
  • AI girlfriend porn live chat


Standard: $12/mo: unlimited messages, 100 photos + voice messages
Premium: $29/mo: unlimited messages, 400 photos + voice messages, long memory
Ultimate: $49/mo: unlimited messages, unlimited photos + voice messages, remembers everything


✅ Photo realistic photos
✅ Live sexting and nudes.


❌ The voices sound robotic
❌ Chatting with multiple girls feels the same – they’re not distinctive


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