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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5), Great AI Hentai Porn Chats

There comes a day in every man’s life when he thinks about all sorts of fucked up fantasies. Ok, for me that day is Tuesday every week. And when that day comes up, has all the fantasies you could ever dream of. It’s an NSFW AI chatbot site that currently has almost 9000 characters to chat with.

To give you an idea of the roleplays you’ll be going along with, there’s one where you walk into a locker room and are faced with four horny cheerleaders and one where your girlfriend cheats on you, so you do the logical thing and fuck her mom so you can be her stepdad. There are some fantasies for the girls, too – there’s a dominant sex worker named Max, who your friend hired to take your virginity, and he obeys your every command.

The site looks sleek and is easy to get around. Some filtering options exist for the most popular, trending, and latest characters. Each one shows you how many chats the characters have. The most popular chick, your sister’s cute friend, has sent nearly 3 million messages to horny guys. Most of the characters are cartoon/anime, but a couple look realistic. Some extra filters would be excellent – there are more than 300 pages, and the layout looks terrible when you open the all-tags category. Still, it works.

What Can I Do in These AI Porn Chats?

First up, you’ve got to find something that turns you on. You can click on the roleplay scenarios and open up a character definition to learn about the personality and details of the scenario. There are some spoilers here, so be careful not to read too much. is a purely text-based sex chat. You’re not going to get generated images or voice notes here. What you do get are some fantastic and realistic messages.

Whatever you say plays into the roleplays, and the characters respond how you’d expect them to. There’s one where you’ve got to convince your goth tenant to pay her rent and reduce her loyalty to her family so she becomes your woman. There are a couple more with that gamified aspect. The chat memory is decent and only improves when you sign up for premium.

Keep an eye out for the tags – not all chats are NSFW. You can choose to roleplay without anything sexual, but being me, I had to test out the capabilities. I’ve gotta say, this isn’t some low-level chatbot. The responses were quick and sexy. There are so many sexual adventures and some of the most varied scenarios I’ve come across. Even if you’ve got a particular roleplay, chances are you’ll find it here. If not, you can create your scenario and characters.


  • Chat with thousands of AI characters
  • Make your AI character

Premium Benefits

You’ll need to get a premium membership to keep sending messages. The benefits depend on your plan, but in short, you get more messages, a more extended chat memory, and faster responses.


Each plan below gives you all the benefits of the lower plan, plus new bonuses.
Lite is $4.99 for 2000 messages/month, with better and faster responses
Classic is $9.99 per month for 5000 messages, plus enhanced chat memory
Elite is $29.99 for 16,000 messages/month and access to new features


✅ Over 8,000 characters to chat with
✅ Great for roleplay
✅ Create your own AI chatbot


❌ The site froze several times when I was sorting by tag
❌ No extra chat features like receiving voice messages

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