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Real Partners and Hardcore Porn

Here’s one for all of you who love extreme porn sites and cucking. Every video is Suzanne Ferrari being cucked by her husband while she films him shooting his load and fuck new girls every day. At times, she gets jealous enough to star in a lesbian scene, or they have a threesome. She comes second to whatever sexy slut has applied to cuck her that week.

Some girls are born to show their more animalistic side and perform for the camera. The scenes are unscripted and always feature sexy babes and Dan Ferrari. The are lots of amateur modes starting here with a good fuck or two.

Suzanne deserves the name of the cuck queen. In the videos, she’s she gets off by watching the way her husband loves to fuck these other girls. And they pay it back by putting on a show for her.

She encourages the girls to keep fucking her husband and gets in on the action sometimes. Basically, she’s there to guide his cock into these slutty mouths and hold the girls down for a better fuck and better viewpoint. Now and then, there’s a threesome with two random girls or else a strap-on for some double penetration. Watching her husband fucking sluts all day must drive the wife over the edge and her pussy flowing.

An Unscripted Extreme Porn Site

The unscripted scenes and amateur vibes make this channel refreshing. It doesn’t mean the video quality suffers. Sure, they’re not in 4K resolution, but they get an extra touch of realism and feel more believable. Plus, having a real relationship and knowing that Suzanne is getting cucked and it’s not a fantasy is a massive turn-on.

There are some classic telltale signs that it’s a good brand, like the other types of content on the website.

They have Teenage Tryouts, Wife’s POV, Slutty BBWs and Sluts POV. They’re great ways to get some variety, even though it’s still the same concept of being cucked, just with different body types. If you like them younger or a big-tittied fat chick, you’re sorted.

The videos all have a spicy description with explicit detail of what you’re going to see, and this attention to detail extends to the bios of the pornstars and amateurs that feature on the extreme porn site.

Slut Inspection might not be the most extensive network or give the most videos, but they’re fantastic! A downside is that the navigation is difficult. There are just 7 categories in the footer, and the only way to sort is to look for a specific title, the most popular, or the most recent.

But still, if you’re into the cuck fantasy, you can watch it play out in every video, and the husband and wife duo are both attractive – but the real stars are the sluts who come in for an up-and-close inspection.


  • Five series on the channel
  • Regular updates
  • Behind the scenes videos


It seems pricy, considering it’s all amateur extreme porn, but then watching your husband fuck other chicks for a living must take it out of you. There’s no free trial, but there’s a discount for a week. There are a couple of different options:
$9.95/week is the closest thing to a trial


✅ Great content if you love being a voyeur and real cucking
✅ Regular updates


❌ Sometimes, it is hard to navigate


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