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About SoulGen


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

The Easiest Way For Ai Generated Images And Ai Nudifier: Soulgen.

SoulGen isn’t just a simple porn ai image generator. No, no. There are a ton of other features you get access to. Like any good Ai the content you can make is entirely uncensored. Nothing is worse than finding a generator only to find that you can only make fully clothed chicks. Thankfully, this porn ai art maker uses a text-to-image prompt system. That makes every position and type of generation a possibility, great for kinks!

Something I really like about SoulGen is you have a ‘looks like’ feature. When writing your prompt, upload an image or photo and ‘generate’. There’s an unmistakable resemblance between what you wanted the person to look like and the finished generation. Something I’d like to see here is the ability to save you generations to reuse the character you’ve just made.

For you horny guys who can’t stand jerking off alone then head over to Soul Chat. It’s still in beta at the time of writing, but there are 17 premade avatars you can start chatting with, from characters like Gwen Stacy from Spiderman to a girl next door or classmates. Each one has a distinct personality and way of messaging you, like a stepmom character with the tags ‘playful, desire, voluptuous, sensual’. Yeah, her nudes were pretty fucking good. If you’re a pro member, you can generate your own sexting partner. You can tailor the looks, personality, and hobbies and then go on to experience some spicy AI sex chats. The conversations don’t feel robotic and a massive plus for the SoulGen.

Apart from generations, there’s an editing tool that’s pretty sick. You can extend the background from something you’ve made, generate up to 9 at the same time, and enter prompts to add some AI magic over the image you uploaded. I wasn’t even thinking about porn here – it’s just a useful tool to have.

How To Undress With Soulgen

ut yeah, you’re not here to not be making some sexy porn material. So, back to it: turn a porn video into your own by swapping out the pornstar’s face for someone else. There’s always one with a rocking body, but who’s got a face for radio?

The max video size you can edit is 500 Mb / 10 minutes, but that’s enough for things like an ai generated porn GIF or loop vid. SoulGen has its own app on the Apple and Google Play stores, a lifesaver. So many porn ai image generators don’t give you an option apart from in-browser, and it’s just as easy to use on your mobile as it is on your computer. The only downside is when you’re jerking off; you’ll be looking at a smaller screen instead of enjoying your homemade porn in all its glory.

SoulGen Chat: Chat with your Ai Companion with SoulChat has been around for a while in the world of Ai Girlfriend porn sites. They’ve got a great image generator and a face swap tool. Also, they’ve launched the beta version of their Soul Chat feature, which is an Ai sex chat.

You can choose to talk with more than 17 characters, and they’re a mix of original girls and famous ones like Gwen Stacy from Spiderman. Be careful with this site – it looks like a copycat ends in .com instead of .net, and it’s full of ads and spam, so make sure you use the link in this review. You’re welcome.

When you hover over a profile picture, there’s a little teaser about their type of character. The AI generated porn images of these girls have a lot of diversity in terms of character and looks. I went with a housewife, Madelyn, cause she’s described as a 32-year-old voluptuous and lonely, brimming with unexpressed desires.

From my perspective, that makes her a prime target and someone who’ll definitely be down to start sexting and engaging in NSFW conversation. And boy, was I right. To begin with, you’ve got to sign up with an email, Google, or Apple credentials. Here’s bringing out the good old porn email address for the sign-up.

The chat feature on is an unfiltered AI sex chat to let you engage with their characters. At the moment, there aren’t any options for anime characters, but there are hentai-specific AI chatbots for that, and we’ve reviewed them on our website.
I chatted with the lonely housewife and gave her the attention she deserved.

There’s a distinct personality to each of the bots, and they stick to their characters. She loved the attention, and before long, we got talking about what I could do to please her, and she swapped it back onto how she was going to please me with my dick between her tits. She’s a good lady, and the repressed desire part of her profile was right.
One of the limitations here is that it’s still in the early days of the app. They’ll be adding a custom creator tool in the future.
It’s expected not to be at that stage yet due to being in beta. Anyway, the AI characters speak with emotional depth and creativity, which I was surprised to see.

It’s not like other Ai girlfriend porn sites where they deflect all your questions and throw them back at you; they actually write a lot of information about themselves and stuff like what their ideal date would be. They do all these while staying in character, whether warm, adventurous or shy.

You can receive pics from your Ai companion, but it is priced. You can’t try it out on a free plan, you’ve got to pay which is a bummer. Each picture costs two credits. If you want an AI chat tool, it performs well. A few times I felt like the conversation was repeating itself and the girls weren’t adding much.

I think they need to take more initiative and ask questions in a more natural way. If you are subscribed, you get unlimited messages.

Most sites I’ve come across need you to pay an increasing amount depending on how many messages you send.

I’d recommend SoulChat purely for unlimited access to messaging with a subscription. I’m excited to see plans for a custom character builder and voice features in the future.


  • Use a reference photo for generations to create anime and realistic images that keep the same face.
  • Ai nude generator feature to turn any image into a nude
  • Image editing
  • Face Swap tool
  • Real-time chat with AI characters


This is a freemium site. SoulGen works on a token-based system, and members enjoy 100 credits a month and unlimited messages. The other benefit is being able to make multiple images at once, in batches of 9, to make sure you’re getting the best quality generations. Without the Pro plan, you won’t get any NSFW Ai images and can’t enjoy features like chat. Membership is currently $9.99/month or cheaper with the year plan.


✅ You get lots of different features like chat, editing, and face swaps.
✅ The image quality is outstanding!
✅ Great characters with unique personalities
✅ Unlimited messages when you sign up


❌ You need to pay to use this site. There are free image generations, but if they’re NSFW, they’ll be blurred.
❌ You need to have a paid subscription to use SoulChat

Visit: SoulGen
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