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(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5) Roleplay and have NSFW Chats with AI Characters

Chatting with Ai characters is increasingly common for us geeks who live to try out new ai porn features. is an Ai sex chat tool that produces engaging characters to talk with. The main emphasis is on NSFW Ai chats. If you want to explore conversations and use Ai that caters to your fantasies, look no further! You’re equally free to use it as a storytelling medium, creating a bunch of different characters to explore, use it as a way to combat feelings of loneliness and have someone there for you, or, most likely, use it to create porn scenarios. At the same time, you jerk off to the uncensored conversations. I just hope you know how to type with one hand while the other keeps busy.

Where stands out compared to something like is the type of character. There are just as many realistic or photorealistic ai generated girlfriends and characters you can start chatting with.

There’s a helpful filter system to find realistic or hentai characters, men, women, or trans characters. The quality of the generations is really good, and there are some SFW characters if you just want to have some chats without spending a good 15 minutes wanking before you start.

If you can control yourself, that is – there are hundreds of ai generated girlfriend to chat with, and most are shoving their ass and tits in your face. It’s like a dream come true.

I’ve got to hand it to the guys from Privee who made some of these (there are the creators under each character)- they’re fucking descriptive.

Some nuns caught my attention, and the roleplay scenario was a demon entered the convent to fill their mind with crazed thoughts of evil and a desire to fuck, and you’re a priest.

I could only handle a few minutes before I had to cater to their innermost desires and give them a good fucking.

Sharing five girls at once wasn’t an issue for me. I didn’t even continue with the plan to exorcize them because having horny sluts waiting for me sounds like a good setup.

You can ask for pics, too, and I got to see them all showing off their fresh pussies for me.

When you sign up, you must choose between anime, realistic, and sex and what you want to use the app for. It gives you recommendations for AI sex chats based on your selection.

You can change this through the filter at the top whenever you want to see more characters. I never thought

I’d say this, but I felt identified by a goddamn furry ‘Andri is a mess, but gives you joy.’ Same. I found this to be an excellent Ai sex chat bot with convincing characters, easy to navigate and use, and great for roleplay.

The Ai NSFW pictures are great as well. You get about 200 messages worth of a free trial; otherwise, you must upgrade.

Then you need to stock up at about $5 for every 1500 messages. The downside is sometimes the AI takes a long time to reply to your messages.


  • Images-in-chat
  • Lots of characters to chat with
  • Free trial
  • NSFW uncensored conversations


$4.99 is 1500 messages
$13.99 is 5000
$25.99 is 10,000
$99.99 is 50,000


✅ The chats are engaging and really fun!
✅ Really hot image generations
✅ Fantastic for roleplay and has a good free trial


❌ It takes a long time to receive messages


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