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About GirlfriendGPT


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

GirlfriendGPT: Chat with over 25,000 AI characters

If you want to feel loved, meet your emotional needs, have someone waiting anxiously for your messages, and not feel lonely and isolated, I charge too much. Just kidding. But the solution for all those needs is an AI girlfriend, and is a good match. Alternatively, if you want to start sexting and getting responses straight away and love receiving nudes from hot babes, try out this chatbot.
The premise is you customize your AI girlfriend (or whatever character you want) and create a unique personality, like dominant or sexy.

The chat model on this Ai sex chat site is completely open, which means each model has a unique personality, and it comes across in the conversation you have. The site works great if you want to do some roleplay, get some rich interactions, and have adventures. Unlike other sites I’ve come across, this one is mainly targeted towards anime lovers and geeks. Most AI girlfriends are, but anime takes a back seat.

I didn’t see a realistic human generation here, so if you’re after a realistic girlfriend experience, you should 1. Go outside, or 2. Try a different site. To be fair, you can make your own, but it won’t be at the same level as other AI girlfriend sites.

But if the thought of living out whatever fantasy you could possibly imagine in an engaging and interactive setting, GirlfriendGPT fits the bill.

The site claims there are over 25,000 characters to start chatting with. You make your character and then it gets shared to the site, with a section for popular creators and trending creations. The upside is there are endless Ai virtual girlfriends to start chatting with, but some aren’t made that well.

There was a ‘snow leopard demihuman catboy’ whatever the fuck that is. One character was a parody of Mia Khalifa, who’s adopted you. The roleplays are cool and a central feature of this site. They go beyond the realistic Ai girlfriend porn sites by letting you make whatever character you want without any limitations.

You start with a free trial on the site, which lets you get a feel for how it works. Like all Ai porn sites, you have limited messages and features. The virtual girlfriend porn Site lets you customize your character according to your preferences. The ai sex chats app is connected to Telegram, giving you total privacy and making it a great tool to receive all the nudes and selfies you’ll get when you start chatting. Depending on whatever character you talk to and whether it’s a roleplay or not you can talk about anything.

There are plenty of interactions, and you can receive voice notes to enhance the realism. The voices are decent but nothing special. Considering the vast range of characters, I’m not surprised. I haven’t encountered an AI chatbot with as much variety as GirlfriendGPT. The navigation was a bit confusing. There’s a huge library on the left to help you filter characters based on whether they’re human or not, roleplay, femdom, breeding, or dozens more. It’s like an endless scroll going through these.


  • Voice chat
  • Custom character creation


There’s a free trial.
$15/mo gives you premium models, chat history, and 5000 messages a month.
$35/mo unlocks 20,000 messages a month, and voice chat


✅ Insane variety of characters to chat with
✅ Good roleplay scenarios
✅ Voice chat


❌ The generator for hentai character is better of the ai photorealistic human generator

Visit: GirlfriendGPT
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