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About FantasyGF


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

FantasyGF: Start Chatting with your Custom AI Girlfriend or Celebrity Crush

Start chatting with dozens of hot girls on FantasyGF. When you get to the homepage, you’ll be greeted by a bunch of girls from all nationalities and body types. You can choose whichever one you want and start chatting. They’re all categorized by their personalities and ‘likes’ from other users to get an idea of who the most popular character is as a virtual girlfriend. No surprise – the ones with the best pics were the top-rated.
Their personalities are intriguing, so I went with a thirty-year-old busty babe from Norway. Her character says that as a lewd chick, she’ll make lots of suggestive comments and teasing. Once I got into a Ai sex chat, this became very obvious – there’s a lot of flirting, and it actually felt realistic and well done – a bit of wordplay and subtle comments here and there. It’s way better than some other AI girlfriend porn sites where they don’t take the initiative on anything.

There was also a type of girl called ‘crazy’. Now I know from experience that if a chick is crazy, they’re even more into fucking and having fun. There wasn’t any description of the characters – probably still to be written up. In exemplary form, the crazy chicks were the most attractive as well. There’s even one or two lesbians for you to chat with if you’re a girl or want to experience what it would be like doing some roleplay as a chick meeting someone and hoping to get eaten out. Heck, you can even chat with real-life celebrities like Emma Watson, Gal Gadot, Scarlett Johanson, and Amber Heard. Just be careful with Amber so you don’t end up in court.

When you’re in the Ai sex chats (which are unfiltered), you can select ‘send me photos’ whenever you want to get some explicit content from your virtual AI girlfriend (just not the celebs, obviously). You can browse Ai girlfriends based on categories. Basically, you select whatever type of ai generated images you want, like ‘nude’, ‘breast grab’ etc. It’s a helpful tool to filter through all the hundreds of models. I found that the quality wasn’t that good – those tagged with boob grab didn’t have many grabbing their tits, and ‘cum on pussy’ only had a couple covered in cum, but it looked more like water.

Of course, maybe the hundreds of models don’t do it for you. You can start making your own Ai girlfriend from over 100 tags. The sorting system was bizarre – the ages are all over the place and not logical at all. The same goes for ethnicities; it would be easy to find what you were looking for if it was in order, and there were six duplicates of the USA.

As with some other Ai Girlfriend porn sites, you can choose the hobbies, interests, and personality of your Ai girlfriend as well as her voice. This is another good feature of FantasyGF; you can convert the messages into voice audio if you want. They suffer from being an AI voiceover, but that’s expected. Nothing is stopping you from chatting or making multiple girlfriends. Then, you can find them under ‘my girls’ in the navigation to pick up from wherever you left off a conversation.


  • Fully customizable AI girlfriend chats
  • Uncensored conversations
  • Chat with characters based on real-life celebrities


Beginner: 100 tokens for $9.97.
Standard: 500 tokens for $34.97
VIP: 1000 tokens for $49.97


✅ Huge number of girls to chat with
✅ Consistent image generation that look like they’re from your AI companion


❌ The voice chat sounds very much like AI
❌ Token payment system

Visit: FantasyGF
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