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About XNude


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xNude – AI Porn Undresser

I can hardly keep up with all the AI porn makers these days. I have a refractory period, ya know!

This next one is for people who want to let their imagination run wild and create custom porn images with an AI undresser that makes realistic deepfakes and great face swaps. xNude is the latest offering from PornX and is built upon their leading AI porn site.

The main difference is that this one doesn’t give you some other tools that you can find on PornX, but in return, you get to use custom faces. It’s a way to bring up some pre-saved models or upload your own and start editing the images.

Making a deepfake with the AI is so simple, and from uploading an image to editing it and downloading it, the whole thing took me a minute.

That’s one minute to create a realistic fake porn image of any celebrity or whoever you want. No more waiting for sex tapes to be leaked to the public when we can make nudes in moments.

How do I Make Custom Deepfake Nudes?

This tool stands out from others because the quality of males is above average. All the AI porn is aimed towards undressing women, as you’d expect, but the quality with xNude is fantastic. I don’t discriminate against my gay bros out there; I’m just here to show you the best porn sites in the world.

To make some porn, start with a high-quality image and a regular pose. Then, highlight the area you want to select and click on undress. There are other options to change the clothes and add tattoos and lingerie.

I created some images that didn’t show any signs of AI interference; it was like having the chick sending me a DM of her sexiest nude. Not even the ghost of outline clothes!

Hey, How Safe is this AI Nude Site?

When you’re potentially putting up nudes of yourself or modifying images with all the editing tools, you’re sure you want it to be safe. They don’t save the pictures on the web page or in a cache – once you’ve made it, it gets deleted within 24 hours. The only option to save images is to download them; there’s no option to save them in your profile.

It’s great for privacy, and there aren’t annoying popups or hidden traps. I didn’t have any issues at all, and I was there for a few hours making some hot custom porn images.

Even so, you should follow the laws in your jurisdiction for deepfake porn and not share non-consensual pictures of anyone. Don’t be the one that makes them take away our AI porn sites!

The only weird thing is that XNude is a separate site with the exact pricing as PornX.

You don’t get an AI image generator and miss out on other features. I recommend you also go to the original site: You’ll get much value and be able to use your tokens for other AI tools, not just creating deepfake nudes.


  • Ways to get free tokens (referrals)
  • Turn any image into a nude
  • Custom face to use pre-saved models and apply filters and edits


It costs five tokens to undress an image. You get a few free undress when creating an account, but otherwise, you must buy tokens at the following prices.
300 for $7.49
800 for $18.74
1250 for $26.24
2050 for $33.74
10,000 for $209.99


✅ The quality of the deepfake nudes is fantastic
✅ Simple to use
✅ Good price
✅ It has editing tools that other sites don’t give you


❌ Minimal free trial


Visit: XNude
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