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About CuteChat


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5) The Tinder of getting an Ai Girlfriend

Are you sick of apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid? It’s annoying chatting for a bit and either hitting gold with a girl who’s in the same horny mood as you, but in reality, the conversation is going to fizzle out. You can only be ghosted so many times before you get sick of it and want to do something different. takes the format of these sites and adds in completely Ai generated girls.
Considering the number of bots on real dating sites, there’s not much difference. Whenever you make a character, they get added to a shared gallery. They’re all community-made characters, from women and men to fantasy characters. Seeing an Ai girlfriend porn site try a different approach outside of the standard one is cool.

Like Tinder, you swipe to check out all the different photos of these girls. To create your dream Ai character, you must select basic things like looks, personality, and interests. How this works is you use a prompt to work on the face.
Weirdly, they don’t mention the body; it’s just the face, but there are some dropdowns for choosing the body type, fashion sense, and age. You can upload an image if you want, and the Ai will use that face in the generation. It’s great, too. It mentions you can’t use faces from real individuals, and it has to be an artistic work or Ai generated porn image. But there are so many other websites out there with a free trial that you could easily port one of your other Ai girls over to use here.

There are five different styles of images to choose from: cinematic, anime, hyper-anime, k-pop, and art. Between those settings and the sliders to customize age and body type, you have many different potential generations.

The personality is where things get interesting: there’s a personality prompt. Now, this is something I haven’t seen anywhere else and was keen to try. Rather than a dropdown of ‘personality’ (crazy, slut, dominatrix – those options from other sites that aren’t related to personality) options, you get a prompt. You can make the personality more specific and mix things up here. It worked as intended, and it’s nice not being limited to a few personality options.

You’ve got a prompt for the scenario section as well. There’s a roleplay mode while you chat, and this is where you control where the setting is based. It’s great to switch between a conversation and a roleplay mode. All these different options help create the public profile of your character. I haven’t encountered an Ai girlfriend with all these options, and it’s a breath of fresh air. The others are all starting to feel the same, and the only differentiation is if the voice chat works properly and the price.
The  Ai sex chats are private and work well with mobile. The chats themselves don’t have any censorship, and you can receive photos from whoever you’re talking with. However, the conversations are hit or miss. Because the characters are made by other users, some are better made than others; I sometimes found the girls were very flat, boring, and sounding like robots. Just like real Tinder!


  • Customize an AI girlfriend
  • Endless girls to chat with made by the community
  • Receive images and have NSFW conversations


✅ Unparalleled customization of the personality of your AI character
✅ Endless girls to chat with
✅ Several different image styles


❌ Apart from chatting and receiving photos, there isn’t anything else you can do
❌ No voice messages

Visit: CuteChat
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