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About IntimateAI


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

IntimateAi App, for Ai Girlfriend porn Lovers works best as an app, but you can use it on your browser as well. It’s an ai companion/ai GF app where you get paired with ai generated girlfriends and can talk about anything. I thought the ai sex chats sucked for NSFW because I tried to get them to do some sexting, but they came back with stock standard responses like Let’s keep things appropriate and other rejections.

Then I realized I had it set to SFW conversations, so I tried again, and this time, the chick was into it. I’d love a switch that worked like that in real life, I tell you that!

It’s a token-based system, so the more you use the ai sex chat app, the more you gotta pay. Something missing is that while you can customize the ai generated girlfriends you can chat with, changing their personalities like whether they’re shy or flirty, cheerful or calm, and tender or sassy.

There’s a sliding profile for their age, and you can change their interests, but as far as making your own from scratch, that option doesn’t exist. The rest of the ai sex chats app is polished. You can have phone calls with the Ai virtual girlfriends, and the conversations are surprisingly realistic. The voice messages don’t sound robotic, and you get them by themself, instead of the usual option to read the text allowed.


  • Have phone calls with your ai GF
  • NSFW ai sex chats
  • App and Google Store supported apps


You can buy tokens or go for a monthly subscription with the app.


✅ Fantastic voice and phone call realism
✅ Chat with loads of girls in NSFW scenarios


❌ Very limited free plan
❌ No customization of your own GF


Visit: IntimateAI
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