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(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Nectar is an app with a focus on making your own custom Ai girlfriend, exploring roleplays, and generating some fantastic Ai porn images. I was curious about the fantasies, so I went there first. There are some official fantasies like your roommate catching you wanking and deciding to tell you how she wants you to jerk off, a virtual girlfriend next door, and showing a Catholic girl around on her first day at school. The community also makes some, and they’re straight to the point – lots of nude pics of MILFs and fantasies around fucking moms.

The Ai sex chats are convincing and it’s great fun going straight into a roleplay. There are loads of options, and you can always decide to make your own based on an image generation. The same goes for the Ai girlfriend porn section of the site. There’s no specific roleplay, but you can start chatting with the official or community-made Ai generated girl, all with different personalities. They’ll be releasing male generators in the future.

But now for the most important thing: the ai generated images are fantastic. The layout is a bit confusing at first, trying to navigate around and get to terms with it, but these things are always the same; you get access to different models and need to find where everything is. I started messing around with the prompts and got back some hot generations. There are a couple of features I hadn’t seen on other sites.


  • Explore fantasies through roleplay
  • Generate AI girlfriends
  • NSFW sexting and chat


$20/month for 100 image generations per day and 500 AI messages
$50/month for unlimited pics and 2500 messages a month


✅ Lots of customization of characters
✅ Good quality images
✅ Prompt-based generations


❌ Navigation needs improvement


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