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About SexterAi


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

SexterAI: Real-time porn Ai sex chats

I’ve been reviewing Ai Girlfriend porn sites for a while now, and this site got my attention because it’s one of the real-time NSFW ai sex chats, and I love that shit. You can access the site through Discord and Telegram. Using these platforms and not some traditional ones like the App Store or Google is strange. The whole premise of the site is that it’s about sexting, in case porn rotted your brain and you couldn’t tell by the name SexterAI.

It’s not just a dirty talk service; there’s an AI porn generator which is to be expected from Ai porn sites. They’re not at the photo realistic stage yet, but that said I didn’t see any disfigurements in their porn gallery and the pics were sexy. Nothing kills a boner faster than being about to cum and changing your jerk-off material and being like fuck, they’ve gotta get to a hospital ASAP. There is a filter for SFW and NSFW porn. But you’re here to figure out how you can start chatting with sexy babes and getting ai generated nudes, so back to the ai sex chats features.

To start things off, you get a free trial that lasts for 7 days but only gives you 20 messages, so I don’t see the point, really – you’ll burn through them in a few minutes. You need to make an account to get sexting. uses a few different linked sites: you’ve got to link Discord and Patreon before being able actually to log onto the site. It isn’t very pleasant having to bounce around when other sites let you use the service for free or let you sign up with Google. Is it worth it when you get in? Yes. I recommend sending some long messages if you’re on the free plan so you don’t exceed the 20 messages limit. I’m a thinker.

There’s extra realism in seeing the ‘Typing’ button on sites. It’s a great simulation of matching with someone on a dating app. The Ai sex chat we had got sexual quickly, and the girl had no problem with that. Before long, I asked her for a nude, but she wasn’t ready and rejected me. I got rejected by a fucking robot. I can’t believe it. To be fair, a few of the sites try and give a more realistic experience, and not many people give a nude without a prompt. If they do, you were probably talking to a catfish, my friend.

Regardless of who you talk to, there’s plenty of banter and dirty talk that will make you feel good and get your dick twitching. I’ve got to say it still feels like early days for the platform. The girl was kind of repetitive, and the messages felt like someone had studied English as a second language from textbooks and was talking to a human for the first time. There’s room for improvement in how the Ai writes and the image generation. But I’m picking at straws here. The Ai sex chat is still a new feature, so it’s going to get better; it’s just a matter of knowing when this is going to be. Worth revisiting


  • NSFW conversations
  • AI porn creator tools


Free up to 20 messages,
$5/mo for 150 messages and 50 images
$20/mo for unlimited messages and images
150 messages a month feels low, and $20 for this tool makes it really expensive.


✅ Free trial
✅ Make your own porn and explore fantasies


❌ The messages don’t feel realistic

Visit: SexterAi
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