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About Fap.Bar


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)


Do you ever see those little challenge videos on TikTok? It might be a dance, tricks, or a chick reviewing clothes. Now imagine that as TikTok porn. That’s the premise behind Fap.Bar – a site that heralds itself as the number one TikTok porn site. It’s full of amateur porn videos and some challenges with a twist. Instead of showing off clothes, the first thing I saw was a chick in a tight black dress with her tits out going down the runway. A chick was opening her bra and showing her great jugs and some ass pics – it’s not all videos, but they’re the best part.

It’s completely free to use the Fap.Bar site, and it’s mainly getting TikTok pornstars from Reddit. There’s even a source link to the subreddit where they took the porn from. I’d like them to be more selective, so you don’t run into a random photo while you’re jerking off into your trusty sock. It throws you off your game. And because there are Reddit and TikTok sluts, once you follow the source link, you’re going to arrive on their profile page where they’ve got some more explicit content. They always save the best stuff for the paying members.

Browse Different Categories of NSFW TikTok Videos

The overall site design is slick. It’s built for mobile and gives you videos instantly without any wait time. It saves you a click to focus on your dick, as my favorite porn rhyme goes. You can filter through all the Reddit content via TikTok, Snapchat, Onlyfans, and Cams. That’s a wide variety from professional pornstars who will be less shy about fucking in front of a camera and horny (18+) teens who use their young bodies to make a quick buck off horny guys like us. And thus, the circle of life continues. You don’t get the same level of explicit content as you can find on other TikTok porn sites, but there’s a cam girl section if you’re into paying chicks and watching them do whatever you want.

The site navigation is handled much better than a few other xxx TikTok sites. There’s a complete list of tags that cover fetishes like femdom and feet or more humble categories like on off, which is where a chick is decked out in her work gear or something else and then takes it off. They’re just thirsty TikTok pornstars who need attention, and it’s our responsibility to give it to them every time we masturbate. The tag list isn’t overwhelmingly extensive like on other sites. It’s less niche, but you don’t need to scroll about 20 times while returning to the category you live in.

The site is missing the option to comment. It’s always a laugh looking at what the bots and other guys say on the videos. It’s not about a community, it’s about a shared appreciation for when you agree those lesbians are lacking anal sex.


✅ Free and hardly any ads
✅ Hot amateur TikTok pornstars


❌ Not all content is explicit TikTok porn
❌ Can’t comment on videos

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