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PinPorn: Pin This site

Alright, you lazy bastards, listen up. We don’t have to go through social media channels hunting for some porn anymore when sites like PinPorn exist. It’s a xxx TikTok porn site that collects porn from all over. We don’t need to do any work; it’s all in one spot. I don’t know about you, but that will save me a lot of hours. There are thousands of TikTok videos out there, but they’re usually cringey as fuck. I don’t want to watch chicks doing the shimmy when with a little bit of effort, I can see their sisters going full slut mode and rubbing their bean as fast as possible and cumming on camera.

There’s an option to rate all the TikTok porn on PinPorn by the rating. It’s a feature that’s usually overlooked on other sites in return for, well, nothing. It’s a little thing that helps this site stand out. There’s an extensive range of adult content, most of which is homemade. It’s got that cam girl sort of look to some of it, so I think they draw some of the clips from popular videos like those. Only without the 5 hours of watching someone almost take their bra off – these videos go straight to the sex or TikTok nudes.

The primary way to navigate the site is through the search bar at the bottom. It brings up all the different tags or accounts that have related content. So use that porn-filled brain of yours to search for that porn that gets you off. That’s something that TikTok does much better; I miss the For You page when browsing these sites. I want to watch some specific TikTok pornstars doing particular acts, and PinPorn gives me a general list of porn. It’s not too much of a hassle, but if you’re a man of select taste, you’ll need to go back to the search bar every time, and you can’t skip ahead to different pages. The only way to navigate is by swiping for the following video.

Fresh TikTok Porn Updates

There’s no way to tell how many videos are on this site, but their drawing from many different sources tells me there are tens of thousands. Every time I visit the site, I find new content. Stop fapping to the same video of a MILF sucking her stepson’s dick you watched last week. Variety of the spice of life and with a never-ending stream of xxx TikTok porn videos, why wouldn’t you want to mix things up. Swipe away – the results are way better than swiping on Tinder profiles and hoping that this time the girl isn’t going to ghost you and will trade a nude for your shitty pickup line.


✅ Constantly new content
✅ Mobile optimized
✅ Channels page with easy ways to see how many videos and likes each channel has


❌ Not much of a con, but there’s so much content you’ll need a good idea about pornstar names before you can get the best use out of the site


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