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(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

FYPTT, Great Porn From TikTok.

Have you been looking for TikTok pornstars, huh? Well, if you want to get TikTok nudes and sexy dances, then check Fyptt. It’s a copy of TikTok, but it has all the NSFW you’d ever wish for. It doesn’t look like many content creators are using the site because there isn’t new content daily, but there are a few dozen uploads weekly. That should be enough to keep your horny ass satisfied. The videos are only about 10 seconds long, so even if you are going to last long enough,

You can’t search the site by hashtags or by keywords like you can on all the other TikTok porn sites.

It makes the navigation harder than it should be, but at least they give you a list of all the categories that work well. Again, the lack of content hurts – I filtered by ‘sex’, and there was only one video uploaded in 2024. There aren’t any user profiles either, so if you like someone’s content, you can’t go and click it and see everything else they made.

Frankly, the whole site comes across like an advertising channel for OnlyFans accounts, not the XXX TikTok videos I was expecting.

Every video has a link to the girls’ OnlyFans account. These videos are like little teasers that show the chicks naked and dancing or showing their boobs to you, but it’s missing the explicit content I crave. I don’t want to watch chicks dancing; I want to watch them getting fucked and squirting all over their cameras. If you’re into softcore videos, it’s a good option.

What are the NSFW TikTok Videos Like?

If you’re looking for the best TikTok porn, then I recommend you check out also our reviews of other sites. This one has way more ads than the others (some have none). It felt more like a tube site than an NSFW TikTok look-alike. Maybe I’m just spoiled,  but when I’m watching amateurs fuck themselves with dildos, I want to go straight into that video without having to wait 20 seconds. The same goes for the top of the site – there are many links to other sex chat sites, etc. Give me an endless scroll of porn any day. A few times, it redirected me to StripChat after closing a video.

The site has some potential; the TikTok porn sites out there don’t have much competition compared to AI and standard porn sites. It should be a great place for content creators to send their hottest videos and amateurs to upload the stuff they do in private with their partners or fuck buddies. The site’s been around for a long time, but it doesn’t look like it’s kicked off, probably due to all the ads and not having daily uploads.


✅ Good category selection
✅ Real amateurs


❌ Lots of spam and ads
❌ The videos are mainly naked girls dancing around and not porn


Visit: FYPTT
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