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(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

This is one site that’s trying to play with the whole TikTok porn style, but they’ve fallen short. Think of it more like a site that hosts pics where amateur TikTok pornstars throw out their promotional content. Thankfully they’re promoting their asses and pussies and how good they can fuck, so as far as promotions go, I’m all for this!

The site’s navigation needs some work – once you go into an account or a hashtag to view the content, you can’t leave it quickly. No button to go back to the homepage. Down the bottom of the screen are the filters to view porn pics, NSFW TikTok videos, and the search feature. The videos don’t go straight into the TikTok style, but you get to the next one by swiping down. It makes navigation a breeze, and you can quickly swipe through and land on something that’ll convince you to drop your pants.

Amateur User Accounts and TikTok Pornstars

All the accounts pages have links to more content if you aren’t satisfied with the endless stream of TikTok porn you get for free on Maybe you find someone who makes content on that fantasy you love, the one that you can’t find online because you’d have to find a horny ass bitch and pay for her even to consider it. Or maybe you’ll luck out and find a page that makes that content for free.

The videos are almost all from amateurs. The picture section looks like they draw in content from Reddit. I’ve browsed enough porn subreddits over there to be able to recognize the format when I see it. They scream like they’re tailored towards thirsty virgins, and Reddit was always their home ground. There’s stuff like close-ups of feet covered in cum with the text ‘Who’s going to lick it up?’.

The videos have just as many fetish videos as the pictures do. The algorithm thought the first thing I needed to see was a saggy tit being milked into a glass of coffee. Maybe I should have returned my coffee to the Starbucks barista and asked her to squeeze me a few fresh drops. Or perhaps that will get me banned again. There were some cuckold videos with so much precum it looked like the girl had just taken a bath in milk.

I’ve got to give it to these xxx TikTok videos, they go straight to 100. There are enough regular vanilla sex and blowjob videos to get you off, not everything’s about fetishes, but with so much competition, the girls need something to stand out from the slutty hordes. The only thing that makes this TikTok porn site lose points is the ads. I couldn’t navigate without a new window trying to open up on my phone. There are downsides to it being free, I guess.


✅ Lots of fetish content
✅ Great on mobile


❌ Some Ads redirect when you use the navigational menu


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