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About Slushy


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Slushy, a TikTok who thinks he is Onlyfans

Slushy is a freemium porn site that styles itself around xxx TikTok videos. The site works a lot better as a mobile app, and it’s still reasonably new, so the desktop version is in beta. Even so, it’s drawing millions of visitors every month, and something tells me they’re not here for a brain freeze and frozen drinks – they’re here to watch TikTok pornstars.

It’s a great time to be a porn fan. Ever since the pandemic and the rise of work-from-home jobs every girl with a rocking body or a sweet face decided ‘Fuck it, I’m going to make porn’. Sites like Slushy give them an outlet to be their authentic selves and earn a sweet buck while doing it. I’d dish out some cash for an hour alone with any of these girls.

The site is full of gorgeous ladies, MILFs, gym rats with sculpted asses, and bored couples cucking each other. The TikTok porn sites do a way better job at attracting babes you’d want to fuck compared to the cam sites, which have ugly old chicks doing their laundry while guys fap at seeing a pair of panties.

Start Watching Porn, TikTok style.

I don’t know about you, but my attention span is falling every year, so I’m all for a TikTok-style viewing experience. I don’t need to click anything, just set up my phone or watch it on the big screen, and use both hands for much more productive things. The videos are all going to autoplay.

You’ve got to sign up for the site, but it’s free to use and watch the videos. There will be a couple of ads here and there, but they’re not the auto-redirecting or definitely-not-a-virus buttons they’re trying to get you to click. The freemium side comes in when it comes to following your favorite models. It costs a few bucks, but it’s a nice Tiktok meets OnlyFans mix. The quality of everything is way better than every competitor.

There are options to tip the chicks to thank them for their contribution to society. Sometimes, you’ll run into a chick that’s so perfect you wish you could tip her parents to thank them for creating such a fine specimen. Or maybe you shouldn’t mention that their girl is taking a new dick in every video. Slushy has some fantastic sorting. There are sections for the general feed, new content, creators you follow, all the different hashtags, and even a section to chat with these TikTok pornstars if you’re one of their (paid) followers. Being able to leave a comment is a feature that’s usually missing. It’s nice to get some input from our end that isn’t masturbating. It feels more like a community, bonded in our hobby of searching for the hottest chicks across the web.


✅ Chat with content creators
✅ Lots of free material, with paid bonuses


❌ You’ll need to pay if you want the dirtiest stuff
❌ The desktop version is in beta and has a few bugs

Visit: Slushy
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