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About LoveMy.AI


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5) A great tool for sex chats with your Ai Girlfriend

Here’s one for my lonely guys at the back. An Ai girlfriend app! There are so many apps like this now that it’s getting harder and harder to tell them apart. Some give you some additional features and customizations, while others are basically Ai sex chats with no other features. is sort of in the middle ground. It’s lacking in a lot of features but what it gives you works well. The navigation on the site is nice and straightforward. If you can’t figure it out, you shouldn’t have an internet connection in the first place, champ.

One of the best features of is the attention to detail and the long memory of the bots. The Ai sex chats will remember all your preferences and everything you say. This makes you receive a personalized experience. Whatever you say, any more detail or desire is going to be retained. Whenever you jump back in to chat, you’ll save time by not having to repeat yourself. When you want to build up a relationship with your Ai girlfriend, If you’ve got a fantasy or a specific kink, this is great as she’ll remember exactly what you want.

A downside of the site is that apart from the personalized ai sex chats, there isn’t any option to generate your own Ai girlfriend. Not having this feature is a letdown for a site based on building a connection. They’re apparently working on this feature at the moment, so it shouldn’t be too long before it comes back. There are over ten girlfriends you can choose from, and more are coming. You get two hentai options, and the rest are realistic. The generator is powerful, and the girls look realistic. Some of the details are really good, and most of the girls have a sexual side, like a MILF who wants to share her experience with you, a dominatrix wanting to dominate you, and a naughty teacher. Her photos are in a classroom and show off her lingerie that barely contains her breasts.

The Ai sex chats themselves give you everything you could want. There’s an NSFW filter if you’re on the free plan and limited messages, but the rest of the site works well. You can get some nudes or whatever type of photos you can think of from your Ai girlfriend. Just write something like ‘I’d love to see you wearing a red bikini’ or a nude of her with her legs spread on the bed.

My conversations felt natural, and I’ve got to say that, unlike other sites that pack in the different features, this one works best with the simple fact that the conversations flow correctly. The girls have unique personalities, and you can chat with multiple people if you want. When the other Ai girlfriend porn sites don’t give this essential aspect – you can’t have an Ai sex chat without the chat – they miss out and shows them how you do it. When other features are added in, it will be even better!


  • NSFW Ai sex chat
  • Premade girlfriends to talk with
  • Long term memory in the conversations
  • Voice messages, images, and text


There’s a free plan of up to 50 messages, but it has a filter.
For $9.99, you get 15,000 messages and 100 images a month. The filter is removed, and you get the amazing long bot memory that makes this site unique. A final plan at $39.99/mo gives you 8000 messages.


✅ Fluid and personal Ai se chats conversations
✅ The ai generated image quality is consistent and realistic


❌ Limited features: the site is still undergoing a lot of work
❌ No custom GF tool

Visit: LoveMy.AI
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